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Tagline for Groundworks Ministires

who we are

The goal of Groundworks Ministries is to elevate the faith of people by leading them to a comprehensive knowledge of the entire Bible through promoting and supporting the "chapter-a-day" reading of God’s Word.

According to Lifeway Research, published in 2017, only 11% of Americans have ever read the Bible. Only 9% have read it more than once.  Groundworks Ministries wants to re-engage the church with the Bible and become a catalyst for revival in our generation.

We at Groundworks Ministries believe there is hope for the future. There is hope for our nation, our cities, our families, and ourselves. That hope comes exclusively from faithfully surrendering to the saving grace that is extended by the “Hope of the world”, Jesus.  

We believe it is the grace of Jesus which leads to eternal salvation. Furthermore, we believe salvation is available to anyone who would turn from their sin and receive it. We believe there is no hope for our communities unless there is Revival, yet we firmly believe that Revival is possible. We believe there is urgency in the Gospel, as Revival will not happen on its own.  Revival involves the people of the Lord returning to the Word of the Lord with the commitment to SEEK it, OBEY it, and SHARE it with others.

An open Bible


what we believe

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 Salvation was PLANNED before

the foundation of the world.


on the cross.


in the gospel.


to you.

But is not YOURS until you take POSSESSION of it.

what we do

Groundworks Ministries sets up daily appointments in the Word of the Lord between people and the Holy Spirit. The goal is to read at least one chapter of the Bible every day. At the pace of one chapter per day, we can read the Bible in 3.2 years.  When we finish the Bible, we simply begin reading it again.

The goal of reading the Bible is not to get to the end of the book. The goal is to get to the end of our selves!

Time reading the Bible is time spent with the Holy Spirit. According to the Bible, the Holy Spirit is the best Bible teacher and Biblical value purveyor that one could ever have.

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learning the word

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“Nothing has transformed my life and given me the boldness

to hope more than reading the Bible everyday.

I begin with this prayer, “Lord, give me something today from Your Word and give me someone to share it with.”


He is always faithful to do both!”

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how this works

You can sign up to receive daily Groundworks Ministries devotional emails, social media posts and texts that will encourage you in your personal Bible study.  We will also remind you to read the entire daily chapter yourself.  While methods for Bible reading are vast and available, we suggest beginning each day with a simple prayer: “Lord, give me something today from Your Word and someone to share it with.”   

Reading the Bible with someone who encourages our Biblical pursuit is better than reading alone. Depending on where you live, there may already be Groundworks Ministries groups that you can join. These groups consist of people who are reading the Bible together “on the same page”.  They meet at least once a week in order to discuss whatever chapter they are reading that day.

facebook groups

Join us online during the week as we read through and discuss God's Word one chapter at a time.

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